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What is a Medical Assistant?

Before we talk about the medical assistant job description, we need to first find out what is a medical assistant. Medical science is developing with every passing minute and contributing to its growth is a host of doctors and researchers. An upset stomach, a bruise or a burn, a dislocated limb, a stone in the kidney, hallucinations and for what not we run to a doctor to get treated. And once we are fit, we thank our doctors and just them. There are even a greater number of people that make medical assistance available to us smoothly. They are the ones to make arrangements for the patients as well as for the doctors and are better known as medical assistants.

If you are the one always in oblivion, you are not likely to understand what is a medical assistant. Just think of times when you have gone to the doctor for an injection and you vigorously wriggle to escape from the nightmare, a person turns up in uniform, the syringe in one hand, cotton wool in the other and soothes you with sweet words. You are asked silly questions to distract your attention and reminded not to tighten your muscles and before you realize, you get injected. This person is usually a medical assistant. They have a host of other functions to perform though, but it is in times of distress that we happen to remember them.

Medical assistants can be best described as people assisting doctors and other health professionals. They look after the clinical requirements and administrative aspects of your treatment. Medical assistants are commonly referred to as Health Care Workers performing perfunctory activities such as monitoring medication, keeping a track of the patient’s treatment, maintaining a record, measuring the vital indicative signs of health, tending to medical instruments and their supply and most importantly caring for the patient. Looking for more on what is a medical assistant here’s more.

They might be found working for inpatient as well as outpatient facilities. Unlike earlier times when medical assistants were a host of people with on- job training and did not have much identity, they are now people governing proper health facilities to patients. It is an industry. They find employment both in private and public hospitals. It is they who cater to every need of the doctor and the patient. They maintain the examining room, take down records answer phones; specifically they run the whole business of satisfying your expectations. What is a Medical assistant should be answered by the fact that they are required to assist the doctors but they play a far grotesque role in providing you with treatment. This little description of the role of a medical assistant should give you a sufficient view on what is a medical assistant.

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